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We want to give a voice to the unheard, ignored, and suppressed. Why? Because once upon a time, we were that unlucky person.

Our passion is to create films that empower women and minorities that touch on strong social causes. Coming from a very conservative background and both being part of the LGBTQ+ community, we understand firsthand what suppression can taste like.

We both started creating ideas when we were little, as we drew cartoons and created stories around our imaginary characters. We were born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Eventually, we decided to purse our career in the  USA. 

Several years later, we have worked with brands such as Facebook, Target, Quickbooks, Puma, Warner Music, Romero Britto, Freddy, American Express, and international artists like Zoe Buckman and Es Devlin


Our mission is to create films that put people above profit, unite communities, support fair trade, preserve cultural traditions, celebrate art, enact change, empower women and create a sustainable future for all.

Lucky Twins

Lucky Twins
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Nail Dreams
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Puma Rayados
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Zoe Buckman
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Romero Britto
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